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What is social justice?

“Some argue that social justice reflects a concept of fairness in the assignment of fundamental rights and duties, economic opportunities, and social conditions.” Using a social justice lens helps organizations to reframe issues generally viewed as individual in origin to … Continue reading

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Resisting change: understanding obstacles to social progress

In this shortened excerpt from How Change Happens, Duncan Green, Oxfam Great Britain’s Senior Strategic Adviser, discusses the complexities behind social activism and breaks down the underlying factors that fuel the resistance to change. Systems, whether in thought, politics, or … Continue reading

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Latino fathers and parenting: lessons learned

Puerto Rican fathers and Latino fathers in general gave us many lessons for fatherhood research that we can learn from. In conclusion, fathers were excited to be asked about their opinions about parenting. The men expressed that often they feel … Continue reading

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How to measure social pain

Against the grain of much twentieth-century research on the nature and function of pain in humans, which tended to focus on injury and the bodily mechanics of pain signaling, recent neuroscientific research has opened a new front in the study … Continue reading

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