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Scientist: There is a ‘conservative syndrome’ that exists across countries

In a new review article summarizing several cross-cultural studies, an Australian scientist argues that there is a cluster of psychological traits and attitudes that can be defined as a “conservative syndrome.” “I was not interested in this particular topic when … Continue reading

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People on the left and right use different cognitive systems to make moral judgments

New research from Australia suggests that political liberals and conservatives rely on different cognitive “systems” when making moral judgments. The study was based on what is known as dual process theory, which has been popularized by psychologist Daniel Kahneman. The theory … Continue reading

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Liberals and conservatives are similarly motivated to avoid exposure to one another’s opinions

Ideologically committed people are similarly motivated to avoid ideologically cross-cutting information. Although some previous research has found that political conservatives may be more prone to selective exposure than liberals are, we find similar selective exposure motives on the political left and right … Continue reading

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Inducing anger increases economic conservatism

People are more likely to endorse economically conservative ideals when they’re angry, according to new psychology research. “As a Canadian living in the United States, I was fascinated by the level of anger being exhibited both before and after the … Continue reading

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