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Collective action and anonymity – innovation in the data economy

Data is different from other assets like gold and oil in that almost all of us, as individuals, generate it. Giving us more control over our own data will stimulate innovation, but realising the full potential will also involve collective … Continue reading

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Design Thinking to Ethical Technological Innovation

There is growing interest and importance for responsible research and innovation (RRI) among academic scholars and policy makers, especially, in relation to emerging technologies such as nanotechnology. It is also to be noted that, although the design thinking approach has … Continue reading

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Data-Driven Policy Making: The Policy Lab Approach

Societal challenges such as migration, poverty, and climate change can be considered ‘wicked problems’ for which no optimal solution exists. To address such problems, public administrations increasingly aim for data-driven policy making. Data-driven policy making aims to make optimal use … Continue reading

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Child Early Academic Training Produces Long-Term Harm

Many preschool and kindergarten teachers have told me that they are extremely upset—some to the point of being ready to resign—by the increased pressure on them to teach academic skills to little children and regularly test them on such skills. … Continue reading

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Ivan Illich, Une société sans école

Ivan Illich, philosophe méconnu, prophétisait en 1971 l’avènement d’une société sans école. Que reste-t-il de ses idées contestataires aujourd’hui ? Né en Autriche en 1926, Ivan Illich fut l’un des pionniers de la pensée écologique. Sa pensée connut son heure … Continue reading

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