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Steps to complex learning

The subject of this chapter, ten steps to complex learning (van Merrienboer & Kirschner,2007), was recently published as a practical and modified version of the four-component instructional design (4C-ID) model originally posited by van Merrienboer in 1997. These ten steps … Continue reading

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Exploring tensions in Knowledge Networks: On social capital, actor-network theory and sociologies of the south

Knowledge networks have been discussed as mechanisms that facilitate access to resources and information. They are noted as organizations that promote the generation of new contacts and interactions between actors in order to produce knowledge that increases the speed and … Continue reading

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Altruism: New perspectives of research in sociology of morality

Since coined by Comte, altruism has become one of the most controversial concepts in social and behavioral sciences, although altruistic behavior and related topics have been successfully studied within a number of fields. Oddly, while the theme of altruism was of primary significance … Continue reading

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Reading ‘Race’ in Bourdieu? Examining Black Cultural Capital

This article extends Bourdieu’s notion of cultural capital in relation to ‘race’ and ethnicity by exploring the significance of black cultural capital among middle class black Caribbean young people in a large state school in south London. Black cultural capital … Continue reading

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