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How Early Academic Training Retards Intellectual Development

In my last post, I summarized research indicating that early academic training produces long-term harm. Now, in this post, I will delve a bit into the question of how that might happen. It’s useful here to distinguish between academic skills and … Continue reading

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Early Academic Training Produces Long-Term Harm

Many preschool and kindergarten teachers have told me that they are extremely upset—some to the point of being ready to resign—by the increased pressure on them to teach academic skills to little children and regularly test them on such skills. … Continue reading

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The Good Enough Parent Is the Best Parent

If we define parenting as caregiving to one’s child, then the best parent is not the one who parents most, and certainly not the one who parents least, but the one who parents just the right amount. That’s the parent … Continue reading

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Music and early language acquisition

Language is typically viewed as fundamental to human intelligence. Music, while recognized as a human universal, is often treated as an ancillary ability – one dependent on or derivative of language. In contrast, we argue that it is more productive … Continue reading

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The Extraordinary Power of Collaboration

Last week I attended TEDxLincolnSquare: Risk Takers and Change Makers. The theater was intimate and cozy, and the messages were big and bold. You could sense the emotion and passion as each of the diverse presenters spoke. I also had the … Continue reading

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Emotionally invested parents give children a leg up in life

Children with emotionally invested parents are more likely to be successful, a study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience shows. Looking at 27 children aged between four and six, the study examined the quality of the emotional bond to their parents, … Continue reading

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