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Complexity Management

Complexity & Management: We will start the book off with an overview of complexity and management, talking briefly about what we mean by the practice of management before going on to take an introduction to the basic concepts from complexity … Continue reading

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Network Theory

Networks Overview: In this first section of the book, we are going to give an overview of network theory that will also work as an overview of the structure of the book and the content we will be covering. We … Continue reading

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Systems Thinking

This book is an overview of the area of systems thinking and theory that is designed to  be accessible to a broad group of people. The book is focused upon two primary achievements; firstly providing you with the key concepts that … Continue reading

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When is enough reading enough for a Doctoral thesis?

When it comes to the ‘how much literature is required (or expected)’ question, I have teased out my ‘it depends’ answer with a few questions of my own, not just to the person asking the question, but to the entire … Continue reading

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