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The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone

It is a well-established fact that in rich societies the poor have shorter lives and suffer more from almost every social problem. The Spirit Level, based on thirty years of research, takes this truth a step further. One common factor … Continue reading

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Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Native Ways of Knowing

Drawing on experiences across Fourth World contexts, with an emphasis on the Alaska context, this article seeks to extend our understandings of the learning processes within and at the intersection of diverse worldviews and knowledge systems. We outline the rationale … Continue reading

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Social Movement Knowledge and Anthropology of Education

Although social movements are frequently background and occasionally foreground in the studies of anthropologists of education, the knowledge produced by movements have seldom been a focus of our work. In this Reflection on the Field, I argue that investigating the … Continue reading

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An ontology of power and leadership

In this article, I draw upon the social ontologies developed by John Searle, Roy Bhaskar, Margaret Archer, and Tony Lawson in order to distinguish between power and leadership. To do so, I distinguish the different organizing principles behind natural phenomena, … Continue reading

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Social ontology, practical reasonableness, and collective reasons for action

I argue that the ontology of human social institutions and collective intentionality could be anchored in the normative notion of ‘practical reasonableness’ as collective reason for action. This involves the deontic idea of mutuality, accepted rules, and shared attitudes of … Continue reading

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On the promotion of Human flourishing

Many empirical studies throughout the social and biomedical sciences focus only on very narrow outcomes such as income, or a single specific disease state, or a measure of positive affect. Human well-being or flourishing, however, consists in a much broader … Continue reading

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Purpose in life and use of preventive health care services

Purpose in life has been linked with better health (mental and physical) and health behaviors, but its link with patterns of health care use are understudied. We hypothesized that people with higher purpose would be more proactive in taking care … Continue reading

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Leading a meaningful life at older ages and its relationship with social engagement, prosperity, health, biology, and time use

The sense that one is living a worthwhile and meaningful life is fundamental to human flourishing and subjective well-being. Here, we investigate the wider implications of feeling that the things one does in life are worthwhile with a sample of … Continue reading

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Collective Personalities of Social Groups: present knowledge and new frontiers

Collective personalities refer to temporally consistent behavioral differences between distinct social groups. This phenomenon is a ubiquitous and key feature of social groups in nature, as virtually every study conducted to date has documented repeatable between-group differences in collective behavior, … Continue reading

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The ant colony as a test for scientific theories of consciousness

The appearance of consciousness in the universe remains one of the major mysteries unsolved by science or philosophy. Absent an agreed-upon definition of consciousness or even a convenient system to test theories of consciousness, a confusing heterogeneity of theories proliferate. … Continue reading

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