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Edgar Morin: Seven complex lessons in Education for the Future

When we look to the future we confront many uncertainties about the world our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will live in. But we can be certain of at least one thing: if we want this earth to provide for the … Continue reading

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Complexity and knowledge management: understanding the role of knowledge in the management of social networks

Read Simple “causal and effect” thinking doesn’t seem to be able to cut the mustard.  We need to utilize knowledge in new ways … or maybe uncover insights from old ways. It is hard to think of something more worthy … Continue reading

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Acquisition of Complex Systemic Thinking – Mental Models of Evolution

We investigated lhe impact of introducing college students to complex adaptive systems on their subsequent mental models of evolution compared to those of students taught in the same manner hut with no reference to complex systems. The students’ mental models … Continue reading

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Handling complexity in learning environments: Theory and research

What do we mean when we say that “learning environments are increasingly complex”?  What do we know about the cognitive processing that occurs during complex learning? How can we provide effective instructional support for students who must learn and apply … Continue reading

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Complex knowledge and education competences

Far from being a natural phenomenon, the school and the school systems are social institutions developed at a certain time of history to satisfy concrete needs. School systems are, from their very start, the social device used to distribute “socially  … Continue reading

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