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The two types of creativity that peak at different ages

Young and old alike can rejoice in a new finding by researchers at Ohio State University and the University of Chicago. There is hope for us all when it comes to creativity, they say. “Many people believe that creativity is exclusively … Continue reading

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The Creative Thinker’s Toolkit

According to the latest scientific research, anyone can be creative. You just have to know how to think creatively, which involves taking a more imaginative approach to the challenges we all face. Learn how to wield the same research-based tools … Continue reading

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Cultivating Creativity in Babies, Toddlers and Young Children

“Cultivating Creativity in Babies, Toddlers and Young Children” shows how each of us can promote creativity in children. It explores the journey children take in developing their creativity, and helps child care students and practitioners to nurture creativity in babies, … Continue reading

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Out of Our Minds: The Power of Being Creative

Out of Our Minds explores creativity: its value in business, its ubiquity in children, its perceived absence in many adults and the phenomenon through which it disappears — and offers a groundbreaking approach for getting it back. Author Sir Ken … Continue reading

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Lifelong Kindergarten: Cultivating Creativity through Projects, Passion, Peers, and Play

How lessons from kindergarten can help everyone develop the creative thinking skills needed to thrive in today’s society. In kindergartens these days, children spend more time with math worksheets and phonics flashcards than building blocks and finger paint. Kindergarten is … Continue reading

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The Creativity Reader

The Creativity Reader is a necessary companion for anyone interested in the historical roots of contemporary ideas about creativity, innovation, and imagination. It brings together a prestigious group of international experts who were tasked with choosing, introducing, and commenting on … Continue reading

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Educate for Creativity: New Educational Strategies

Today’s society is no longer integrated on the base of universally-recognized common values and moral rules, but it has produced an immense pluralism of models and behaviours– precursors of the uncertainty and unpretty to gain knowledge of ultimate goals is … Continue reading

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The role of motivation on creativity at school

The present study used a latent variable modeling approach to investigate the influence of motivation on creative achievement in different environments. This was used in conjunction and interaction with other creativity-related predictors, such as openness to new experience and response … Continue reading

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A comprehensive method for the measurement of everyday creativity

This paper introduces a multivariate and theoretically driven measurement scheme for everyday creativity. We start by briefly reviewing classical distinctions (e.g., creative person, process and product; potential and manifest creativity) and examining several instruments for the assessment of creativity. We … Continue reading

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Does socioeconomic status influence student creativity?

In recent years, creativity has been a topic of increased interest in the educational environment. Developing creativity is increasingly viewed as an educational imperative because it drives individual student performance and influences their future success as participants in an economy … Continue reading

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