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Reading ‘Race’ in Bourdieu? Examining Black Cultural Capital

This article extends Bourdieu’s notion of cultural capital in relation to ‘race’ and ethnicity by exploring the significance of black cultural capital among middle class black Caribbean young people in a large state school in south London. Black cultural capital … Continue reading

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On the Hegemonic English in a Neoliberal Information Economy

Without words, what do we have? From language, we define what is possible—what we think, who we talk to, what we do, and where we go. Language is more than a vessel for thought. It communicates our identity and status … Continue reading

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Whose culture has capital? A Critical Race Theory discussion of Community Cultural Wealth

This article conceptualizes community cultural wealth as a critical race theory (CRT) challenge to traditional interpretations of cultural capital. CRT shifts the research lens away from a deficit view of Communities of Color as places full of cultural poverty disadvantages, … Continue reading

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Building Students’ ‘Cultural Capital’

Students who are the first in their families to attend college face a set of disadvantages in terms of college enrollment, persistence, and graduation — a vexing problem, to be sure, since virtually nothing can be done retroactively to change … Continue reading

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Why children inherit the social problems and poor lifestyles of their parents

Children of social security recipients go on the dole; children of high school teachers go to university. But giving more money to socially disadvantaged families is not the solution. “Once again, it has been proven that children from a weak … Continue reading

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Social and Cultural Capital in Creativity

A great part of creative activities arises from the interactions between individuals and their sociocultural environments. The aim of this article is to explore the relationship between learners’ creativity and their social and cultural capital. The findings of the present study … Continue reading

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Outros valores, além do frenesi de consumo

“É preciso insistir no fato de que é possível ser feliz sem o frenesi de consumo que a mídia nos impõe”, reafirma o antropólogo Eduardo Viveiros de Castro. Para ele,  a felicidade pode ter outros caminhos. Pesquisador e professor de … Continue reading

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