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Innovation For Digital Inclusion Conference

Read The financial crisis has had far-reaching consequences for the economic and social situation of the European countries, as it impeded the progress and exposed drawbacks of the economic structure of Europe. Therefore, minimizing the negative impact of the global … Continue reading

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Digital Participation: Young People’s Research Group

Read Read also:  Digital Participation There is increasing interest in how young people can develop the critical practices of digital literacy that enable the creation, sharing and understanding of meaning and that support participation in social, cultural, civic, economic and … Continue reading

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Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture – Media Education for the 21st Century

Read According to a recent study from the Pew Internet & American Life project, more than one-half of all teens have created media content, and roughly one-third of teens who use the Internet have shared content they produced. In many … Continue reading

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Informing Communities – Sustaining Democracy in the Digital Age

Technologies for acquiring and disseminating news and information are changing rapidly. Emerging media have become amazing forces for enabling people to connect. But their full potential is not yet realized in the service of geographic communities, the physical places where … Continue reading

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Cyber-Relations in the Field of Home Computer Use for Leisure: Bourdieu and Teenage Technological Experts

Read This article highlights the practice of a group of New Zealand teenagers who are considered by their family and themselves to be technological experts. Drawing on Pierre Bourdieu’s key concepts of habitus, field and capital, this text identifies and … Continue reading

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Content creation

Read One of the most important digital literacies students require today is the ability to create appropriate content. Content creation is an important feature in many personal learning environment (PLE) models, and together with organising and sharing, makes up the … Continue reading

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Digital Literacy in Practice – Case Studies of Primary and Secondary Classrooms

This document provides a set of digital literacy case studies. Each is an account of a number of activities developed, planned and undertaken by a teacher as their first steps towards integrating the development of students’ digital literacy into their … Continue reading

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Digital literacy across the curriculum – A handbook

This handbook discusses the meaning of digital literacy and suggests it should be understood as a wide-ranging set of practices that enable students to create, share and understand meaning and knowledge in an increasingly digital age. It positions digital literacy … Continue reading

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