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A Framework for Scalable Cognition – Towards the Implementation of Global Brain Models

The human brain is still the most competent problem solving system we know. However, as a biological construct, it is impossible to expand because of many developmental constraints such as its confinement to the cranium. How can we create a … Continue reading

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The Global Brain – past, present and future context of Research

The text provided a first exposition of the conceptual framework developed in ECCO as a foundation for an eventual global brain theory. It sees the global brain as a nervous system for the planetary organism, which functions to direct and … Continue reading

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Global Brain and the Future of Human Society

In this article, I tried to introduce the reader to the idea of Global Brain and a potential global brain social landscape. This landscape will be much different. The global brain will have common elements globally: hyper-abundance and hyper-connectivity. The … Continue reading

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A Conversation on Collective Intelligence

A Conversation with Thomas W. Malone, Patrick J. McGovern Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management and the founding director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. As all the people and computers on our planet get … Continue reading

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Accelerating Socio-Technological Evolution – from Ephemeralization and Stigmergy to the Global Brain

Evolution is presented as a trial-and-error process that produces a progressive accumulation of knowledge. At the level of technology, this leads to ephemeralization, i.e. ever increasing productivity, or decreasing of the friction that normally dissipates resources. As a result, flows … Continue reading

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The Global Superorganism – an evolutionary-cybernetic model of the emerging Network Society

The organismic view of society is updated by incorporating concepts from cybernetics, evolutionary  theory, and complex adaptive systems. Global society can be seen as an autopoietic network of self-producing components, and therefore  as a living system or “superorganism”. Miller’s living … Continue reading

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Challenge Propagation – a new paradigm for modeling distributed intelligence

This working paper wishes to introduce and summarize a new idea, challenge propagation, which synthesizes my older work on spreading activation in collective intelligence, and my more recent ontology of action. The basic idea is to combine the notion of … Continue reading

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Conceptions of a Global Brain – An Historical Review

The “global brain” is a metaphor for the intelligent network formed by the people of this planet together with the knowledge and communication technologies that connect them together. The different approaches leading up to this conception, by authors such as … Continue reading

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The Emerging Global Brain – A Conversation with Francis Heylighen

Francis Heylighen started his career as yet another physicist with a craving to understand the foundations of the universe – the physical and philosophical laws that make everything tick. But his quest for understanding has led him far beyond the … Continue reading

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