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Libraries as Centers for Self-Directed Education

How could your local library best serve your family’s and community’s needs? We have in our society two types of publicly supported institutions whose explicit purpose is education—schools and libraries. How different they are from one another! The primary difference … Continue reading

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The many paths to Content Discovery: a Librarian’s perspective

The role of the librarian is to connect users to information. We do so by organizing and managing content and its connection points, but our role goes further by making content “social” so that it’s findable. According to Ulrich’s, a … Continue reading

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The future of the library: How they’ll evolve for the digital age

Will the digital age mark another era of decline for libraries? To an observer from an earlier era, unfamiliar with the screens and devices now crowding out printed books, it may look that way at first. On the other hand, … Continue reading

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Libraries, Social Movements, and Cultural Change – Toward an Alternative Conceptualization of Culture

While sociological conceptualizations of culture span a wide range of metaphors, from codes to elephants to toolkits, they are often insufficiently attuned to the processes through which cultural challenges are advanced by individual and collective actors, and the place of … Continue reading

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Publishing frontiers: The library reboot

As scientific publishing moves to embrace open data, libraries and researchers are trying to keep up. It is too early to say whether libraries will succeed at redefining themselves in the digital age. But “it definitely seems that some are … Continue reading

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Athena’s Community Library

Athenaeums, after all, are social libraries, cornerstones of a community where you don’t just borrow books – you can visit cherished antiquities, hold talks, attend parties – and even bring your dog. “Fundamentally, the Athenaeum is about community,” he says. … Continue reading

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The Public Library Manifesto: Why Libraries Matter, and How We Can Save Them

In an age of greed and selfishness, the public library stands as an enduring monument to the values of cooperation and sharing. In an age where global corporations stride the earth, public libraries remains firmly rooted in local communities. In … Continue reading

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Coworking at the Public Library

Coworking is a modern work innovation where people in various creative professions share a common work space, synergizing their talents and making best use of fixed-cost resources. Here is a portrait of how coworking might develop in public library spaces … Continue reading

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What Students Don’t Know

Read Today’s college students might have grown up with the language of the information age, but they do not necessarily know the grammar. Even when students turned to more scholarly resources, that did not necessarily solve the problem. Many seemed … Continue reading

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Guided inquiry: learning in the 21st century

Read Read also: Information Search Process The ‘information search process’ revisited: is the model still useful? Aprendizaje por Proyectos: El Modelo Kuhlthau Based on Carol Kuhlthau‘s six stage Information Search Process, the authors present a convincing argument for recasting Guided … Continue reading

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