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Group Minds and Mindset – On the Identities of Crowds

This book seeks to detail what we mean when we speak of human associations – groups, organizations and whole societies – as composite minds in their own right, with characteristic identities and changing mindsets of their own. The book’s first … Continue reading

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What’s Your Learning Disposition? How to Foster Students’ Mindsets

Here are a few important mindsets to consider. Belonging to an academic community: Feeling connected to adults and peers at school intellectually, not just socially, through an academic community, is a strong motivator. Feeling a sense of belonging in an … Continue reading

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The Situation Is in the Mindset of the Observer

When we enter a situation, we don’t just enter it cold. We don’t travel light. We bring along all of the baggage that we’ve accumulated in our life, every experience and thought and prior perception that has been stacked away, … Continue reading

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