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Transnational social capital: the socio-spatialities of civil society

Civil society remains a contested concept, but one that is widely embedded in global development processes. Transnationalism within civil society scholarship is often described dichotomously, either through hierarchical dependency relations or as a more amorphous networked global civil society. These two contrasting spatial imaginaries … Continue reading

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Inequality in Access to Social Capital

Whereas much research has been done on the benefits of social capital, less is known about the causes of the unequal distribution of social capital in people’s networks. This study examines inequalities in access to social capital in terms of … Continue reading

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Internet Use and Social Capital – The Strength of Virtual Ties

This paper aims to understand how Internet users may improve their social capital by investing in online social activities. We argue that the Internet can be a convenient and efficient means of maintaining existing social ties and/or of creating new … Continue reading

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Intra-organizational Networks: The role of Teams

How does one build effective intra-organizational networks? An impressive body of research has accumulated on this question. Surprisingly, though, this literature has largely ignored one of the key relational building blocks of many organizations: formal teams. The neglect of teams … Continue reading

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Building a Network Theory of Social Capital

This paper’s purpose is to review social capital as discussed in the literature, identify controversies and debates, consider some critical issues, and propose conceptual and research strategies in building a theory. I will argue that such a theory and the … Continue reading

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How Social Capital facilitates Innovation

The literature supports the importance of social capital for the development of innovation capabilities but pays little attention to how this process takes place. Further, most research assumes a homogeneous level of social capital inside an organization and concentrates mainly … Continue reading

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The role of internal Social Capital in Organisational Innovation

Using a sample of 172 Spanish family firms and two responders per firm, consisting of a family member and a non-family member (344 returned questionnaires), we examine the effects of internal social capital on organisational innovation. Building on the relational, … Continue reading

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Innovation in Socio-Cultural Context

Innovation – the process of obtaining, understanding, applying, transforming, managing and transferring knowledge – is a result of human collaboration, but it has become an increasingly complex process, with a growing number of interacting parties involved. Lack of innovation is … Continue reading

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Building bridging Social Capital in a Divided Society: the role of Participatory Citizenship Education

Participatory citizenship education has been highlighted as a strategy to promote social cohesion in divided societies whereby collaborations with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and inter-school links have been proposed as tools to improve social networks between schools and communities. This article … Continue reading

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