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Emotion: Social Psychological Aspects

People may perceive emotion as residing in the individual and composed of some portion of the personal subjective experience. However, certain common patterns of emotional experience exist. Shared social definitions of emotions are generally recognized, and these can be evoked … Continue reading

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Social Psychology Perspective on Collective Intelligence

We begin with some definitions: Social psychology is the study of human cognition and behavior in the context of social groups. Group. Two or more people who interact, depend somewhat on each other, and have common goals, “those social aggregates … Continue reading

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The Social Psychology of Citizenship: Studies and Future Research

In this article we review the argument outlined in the opening article in this special thematic section: that the current social psychology of citizenship can be understood as the development of longstanding conceptualisations of the concept within the discipline. These … Continue reading

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The Social Psychology of Citizenship, Participation and Social Exclusion

From the accumulated research on citizenship in social psychology outlined above, we know that articulating a voice within a broader community requires some form of ontological claim: a sense of who we are; our entitlement to speak; and why we … Continue reading

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Evolutionary Social Psychology

In this chapter, we review the current state of evolutionary social psychology. We begin with a brief primer on exactly what evolutionary social psychology is and is not, articulating its assumptions and the tools it provides for inquiry into social … Continue reading

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Social Neuroscience – toward Understanding the underpinnings of the Social Mind

The objective of this book is to introduce social cognitive neuroscience research that addresses questions of fundamental importance to social psychology, combining multiple methodologies in innovative ways. The book is divided into four sections. The first section deals with understanding … Continue reading

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Psychology in Social Context

Recent years have seen an increasing recognition of issues with psychology, and a growth in critical approaches to the discipline. However, existing texts in critical psychology are rather advanced for most readers. This book provides an accessible introduction to ideas … Continue reading

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Acculturation, Social Identity, and Social Cognition: A New Perspective

The authors argue in this article that new approaches are needed in the study of psychological acculturation. They posit that a new model of psychological acculturation should incorporate contemporary work in social psychology and cognitive psychology. The model they present … Continue reading

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The Oxford Handbook of Social Cognition

Social cognition, as a field, can be characterized as a distinct subarea of social psychology that examines all of the countless cognitive complexities, mental representations, and processes implicated in interaction, as well as an approach to studying interactions in the … Continue reading

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Social Cognition: From Brains to Culture

In Social Cognition: From Brains to Culture, Fiske and Taylor carefully integrate the many new threads of social cognition research that have emerged, including developments within social neuroscience, cultural psychology and some areas of applied psychology, and continue to tell … Continue reading

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