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Between the Ivory Tower and the Assembly Line

The tendency to describe intel­lec­tu­als as a single coherent group papers over these expe­ri­ences of exploitation, and conceals the very real struggles that con­di­tion intel­lec­tual pro­duc­tion. The antag­o­nisms of the insti­tu­tions of knowledge are resolved into a myth of unity, … Continue reading

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Seeking Good Change: discovering the Transformative Potential of Higher Education

This paper explores ways in which aspirations for development (“good change”) are battered currently by forces and challenges that appear to be diminishing opportunities for social justice, equity and harmony. There are many  examples of good change, some of which … Continue reading

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Imagining the University

Despite both positive and negative perceptions of the current state of higher education, the contemporary debate over what it is to be a university is limited. Most of all, it is limited imaginatively. The range of imagined options is narrow. … Continue reading

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Neoliberalism’s War on Higher Education

Neoliberalism’s War on Higher Education reveals how neoliberal policies, practices, and modes of material and symbolic violence have radically reshaped the mission and practice of higher education, short-changing a generation of young people.  Henry Giroux exposes the corporate forces at … Continue reading

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Dysfunctional PhDs in a dysfunctional university

If one’s experience as a PhD student is dominated by hierarchy, perhaps that also says something about the changes occurring in academia more generally. What academia is becoming, as a whole, sometimes shines in the way that one experiences it … Continue reading

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Factories of Knowledge, Industries of Creativity

What was once the factory is now the university. As deindustrialization spreads and the working class is decentralized, new means of social resistance and political activism need to be sought in what may be the last places where they are … Continue reading

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A Machiavellian Guide to Destroying Public Universities

Denigrate public education, and public institutions in general, as drains on private wealth and “job makers” to the point that no one would dare ask for increased support. Take advantage of economic downturns to instigate “taxpayer outrage” in order to … Continue reading

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Universidade Nômade

A rede de movimentos que denominamos Universidade Nômade é composta por núcleos, grupos de pesquisa, militantes de pré-vestibulares populares, movimentos culturais, revistas, artistas e etc. Pretendemos constituir uma pauta comum em torno de três grandes temas, todos eles ligados aos … Continue reading

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Bail out schools and universities rather than banks

Is it time to think differently about what creates new industries and jobs? Should education be recognised as the key to innovation rather than a drain on the public purse? Should we be pumping money into universities as well as … Continue reading

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Against the marketization of the university

The rising competition between academics and departments, the commercialization of education programs, and the cuts to public funding are recognizable across universities. A broader crisis in higher education is playing out. Nor are they simply the result of failed management … Continue reading

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