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Epidemic of poor mental health among low-paid workers

Being lower on the pecking order at work is associated with having serious psychiatric problems, our latest research shows. We found that abusive managers negatively affect the emotional and psychological well-being of those beneath them and that they make workers … Continue reading

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Uruguay’s Miracle: Redistribution and the Growth of Unionism

The second leftist government in Uruguay, elected in 2009, has deepened its pro-labor policies through Wage Councils and a tripartite system to fix the minimum wage for all occupational categories in all sectors of the economy. In doing so, it … Continue reading

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Neoliberalism at Work

Organizational decision-makers increasingly promote neoliberal work practices, which emphasize market processes and unrestricted deployment of organizational resources, as a means to optimize economic performance in an intensely competitive environment. A growing number of sociologists have raised questions about their tactics … Continue reading

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Transformational Leadership and Employee’s Pro-social Behavior

Contrary to the traditional economic view of employees as self-interested performers, this literature has identified situations in which organization members engage in constructive, socially desirable behaviors that benefit coworkers or the organization as a whole with little or no benefit … Continue reading

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The Economic Roots of Your Life Crisis

A life crisis, I’d say, is a crisis of human potential foregone. It’s when you know you’re not living up to your potential, but it’s frustratingly difficult to see what, if anything, can be done about it. So what does … Continue reading

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When nobody (and everybody) is the boss

At the center of the company’s design for work is a mechanism that produces a dynamic sort of order. It’s called the “Colleague Letter of Understanding” (or CLOU, pronounced “clew”), a contract in which each individual defines his or her … Continue reading

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Workers insecurity drive a rise in poor mental health harming productivity: OECD Report

“Increasing job insecurity and pressure in today’s workplaces could drive a rise in mental health problems in the years ahead”. “The share of workers exposed to work-related stress, or job strain, has increased in the past decade all across the … Continue reading

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Race Against The Machine

In Race Against the Machine, drawing on research by their team at the Center for Digital Business, they show that there’s been no stagnation in technology — in fact, the digital revolution is accelerating. Recent advances are the stuff of … Continue reading

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How Did the Robot End Up With My Job?

Read Indeed, there is no “in” or “out” anymore. In the hyperconnected world, there is only “good” “better” and “best,” and managers and entrepreneurs everywhere now have greater access than ever to the better and best people, robots and software … Continue reading

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Popular representations of the Working Class

This review critically explores media representations of working-class people and working-class lives. Drawing on various studies, as well as other examples from different forms of media, it argues firstly that there is a prevalence of derogatory images which undermine the … Continue reading

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