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Economic Crisis and Human Values

The theory of modernization and cultural change suggests that socio-economic conditions are correlated with the values prevalent in the population. In the process of socio-economic development, human values change from survival values to self-expression values that result in greater civil … Continue reading

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Impact of Globalization on Youth Cultural Identity

There is a long debate about globalization and its effects. Globalization is an increased, quantitatively and qualitatively, numbers of global flows improve or deteriorate people’s everyday lives. The present study investigates the impact of Globalization on youth cultural practices and … Continue reading

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Roman Egypt 2,000-year-old Youth Organizations

In Roman Egypt, 14-year-old boys were enrolled in a youth organization in order to learn to be good citizens. Ville Valtteri Vuolanto, social historian and historian of ideas, has joined forces with Dr April Pudsey of the University of Newcastle … Continue reading

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Projetos de Ciência Jovem que buscam Mudanças Sociais

Na maior feira de ciência jovem da América Latina, alunos propões estudos que visam transformar sociedade. Na Mostratec (Mostra Internacional de Ciência e Tecnologia), realizada na semana passada no Centro de Eventos Fenac, em Novo Hamburgo, no Rio Grande do … Continue reading

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Poor Transitions – Social Exclusion and Young Adults

This study set out to explore what had become of young people living in the poorest neighbourhoods of the poorest town in Britain, several years after we first contacted them. As they moved into young adulthood, had their longer-term experiences … Continue reading

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The Developing Social Brain: Implications for Education

This paper discusses the development of the human social brain. First, I will argue that social cognition is uniquely important and describe evidence that social interaction plays a critical role in early brain development. I will then discuss recent research … Continue reading

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A dangerous idea? Freedom, Children and the Capability Approach to Education

This article begins by observing how education is currently appreciated primarily for its utility value, a view informed by utilitarianism and neoclassical economic theory. A critique of that framing is offered and an alternative way of valuing education informed by … Continue reading

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Lo que Europa medieval hizo con sus adolescentes

… hace cientos de años, en el norte de Europa regía una línea de disciplina particularmente dura con los menores, que eran enviados a vivir y trabajar en casas ajenas. Algo que, sin ninguna sorpresa, los jóvenes no siempre disfrutaban. … Continue reading

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Free to Learn

Why unleashing the Instinct to Play will make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life Our children spend their days being passively instructed and made to sit still and take tests—often against their will. We call this … Continue reading

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