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The Evolved Apprentice – How Evolution Made Humans Unique

A central element of Sterelny’s overarching argument is that, rather than posit a single explanatory variable to explain human uniqueness, we should instead aim to provide a co-evolutionary account. In Sterelny’s view, human uniqueness gradually emerged from positive feedback loops … Continue reading

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Apprenticeship in Thinking: Cognitive Development in Social Context

This interdisciplinary work presents an integration of theory and research on how children develop their thinking as they participate in cultural activity with the guidance and challenge of their caregivers and other companions. Consider the relation of guided participation and … Continue reading

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The State of Apprenticeships in 2010 – Report

In an earlier report ‘The Net Benefit to Employer Investment in Apprenticeship Training’ (University of Warwick Institute for Employment Research, 2008) we set out the business case for Apprenticeships. That proved to be an effective medium for communicating the real … Continue reading

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