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Piaget and Vygotsky: Many resemblances, and a crucial difference

Piaget and Vygotsky are two influential developmental psychologists. One can even say that their contributions to developmental psychology, albeit different, are similarly remarkable and unique. This article is in four parts. In the first part, I refer briefly to a … Continue reading

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Transformational Leadership and Employee’s Pro-social Behavior

Contrary to the traditional economic view of employees as self-interested performers, this literature has identified situations in which organization members engage in constructive, socially desirable behaviors that benefit coworkers or the organization as a whole with little or no benefit … Continue reading

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The Autonomous Roots of the Real Democracy Movement

The years since 2011 have witnessed the (re-)birth of a global cycle of struggles around the issue of democracy. With the representative institutions of liberal democracy in crisis, social movements appear to be increasingly moving away from claims-based and state-oriented … Continue reading

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On the Evolution of Self-Organising Behaviours in a Swarm of Autonomous Robots

The study of collective, cooperative behaviours particularly attracts our attention, also given that much of the work presented in this thesis is inspired by the amazing organisational skills of social insects or other animal societies. From the observation of the … Continue reading

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Autonomy: an idea whose time has come

But whether or not the project of autonomy succeeds and real democracy is ever established, one thing is now crystal clear. The era of parties is over. They are dead. Finished. Relics of a liberal polity whose content has long … Continue reading

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Foucault, Educational Research and the Issue of Autonomy

Read This article seeks to demonstrate a particular application of Foucault’s philosophical approach to a particular issue in education: that of personal autonomy. The paper surveys and extends the approach taken by James Marshall in his book Michel Foucault: Personal … Continue reading

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Self-organization, Individuation and Identity

Read Self-organisation is a process by which larger scale order is formed in a system through the promotion of fluctuations at a smaller scale via processes inherent in the system dynamics, modulated by  interactions between  the system and  its surroundings. … Continue reading

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