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Distributed Cognition – Where the Cognitive and the Social Merge

Among the many contested boundaries in science studies is that between the cognitive and the social. Here, we are concerned to question this boundary from a perspective within the cognitive sciences based on the notion of distributed cognition. We first … Continue reading

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Creating and Curating the Cognitive Commons

Cognition is thinking, and the product of thinking is knowledge. Our species’ unique capacity for language empowered us to “mind-read” one another’s thoughts, creating and curating knowledge jointly through distributed, interactive cognition. The first and greatest cognitive revolution – the … Continue reading

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Offloading Cognition onto Cognitive Technology

“Cognizing” (e.g., thinking, understanding, and knowing) is a mental state. Systems without mental states, such as cognitive technology, can sometimes contribute to human cognition, but that does not make them cognizers. Cognizers can offload some of their cognitive functions onto … Continue reading

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Radical Changes in Cognitive Process due to Technology?

A strong case can be made that the cognitive system is designed for guiding action, not, for example, symbol manipulation. I review empirical work demonstrating the link between action and cognition with special attention to the processes of language comprehension. … Continue reading

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Distributed Cognition – A methodological note

Humans are closely coupled with their environments. They rely on being ‘embedded’ to help coordinate the use of their internal cognitive resources with external tools and resources. Consequently, everyday cognition, even cognition in the absence of others, may be viewed … Continue reading

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Distributed Cognition – Domains and Dimensions

Synthesizing the domains of investigation highlighted in current research in distributed cognition and related fields, this paper offers an initial taxonomy of the overlapping types of resources which typically contribute to distributed or extended cognitive systems. It then outlines a … Continue reading

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Thinking in Groups

Is cognition an exclusive property of the individual or can groups have a mind of their own? We explore this question from the perspective of complex adaptive systems. One of the principal insights from this line of work is that … Continue reading

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A Framework for Thinking about Distributed Cognition

As is often the case when scientific or engineering fields emerge, new concepts are forged or old ones are adapted. When this happens, various arguments rage over what ultimately turns out to be conceptual misunderstandings. At that critical time, there … Continue reading

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Modelling the Emergence and Evolution of Distributed Cognition

The project aims to develop an integrated theory of the emergence of distributed cognition. Distributed cognition is seen as the confluence of collective intelligence, and “situatedness” or the extension of cognitive processes into the physical environment. It concerns the information … Continue reading

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Knowing in Practice: Enacting a Collective Capability in Distributed Organizing

In this paper, I outline a perspective on knowing in practice which highlights the essential role of human action in knowing how to get things done in complex organizational work. The perspective suggests that knowing is not a static embedded … Continue reading

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