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Collective Information Processing and Pattern Formation in Swarms, Flocks, and Crowds

The spontaneous organization of collective activities in animal groups and societies has attracted a considerable amount of attention over the last decade. This kind of coordination often permits group-living species to achieve collective tasks that are far beyond single individuals’ … Continue reading

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Diffusion in starling flocks

Flocking is a paradigmatic example of collective animal behaviour, where decentralized interaction rules give rise to a globally ordered state. In the emergence of order out of self-organization we find similarities between biological systems, as bird flocks, and some physical … Continue reading

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Macrowikinomics Murmuration

This is a piece of work that cannot be either liked, nor disliked. The imagery and music tie in together to make a perfect piece, if not for the slanderous commentary stating that not just these birds, but all birds, … Continue reading

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Flocks, Herds, and Schools – A Distributed Behavioral Model

Read The  aggregate  motion of a  flock  of birds,  a  herd  of  land  animals,  or  a  school  of  fish is a beautiful and  familiar part  of the natural  world. But this type of complex motion is rarely seen in computer  … Continue reading

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Flock Theory – A New Model of Emergent Self-Organization in Human Interaction

This paper introduces a new theory of emergent self-organization in human interaction. Flock theory draws from a theoretical basis of emergence and self-organizing systems. Likewise, two other important theoretical works are offered, Eric Eisenberg’s work on the transcendent organization of … Continue reading

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Birds of a Feather Protest Together – Theorizing Self-Organizing Political Protests with Flock Theory

Read Read also – Flock Theory – A New Model of Emergent Self-Organization in Human Interaction The current research theorizes decentralized and self-organized political protests via flock theory, a theory of emergent self-organization in communicative human interaction. Flock theory draws … Continue reading

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Coordination without a leader: Exploring a Model of Flocking Behavior

Flocking models serve to illustrate that cohesive, coordinated group behavior can occur in the absence of a leader. We’ve made some small additions here to a version of such a model created by Uri Wilensky (Wilensky, U. (1998). NetLogo Flocking … Continue reading

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