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Purpose in life and use of preventive health care services

Purpose in life has been linked with better health (mental and physical) and health behaviors, but its link with patterns of health care use are understudied. We hypothesized that people with higher purpose would be more proactive in taking care … Continue reading

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How Much Exercise You Need to Keep Your Brain Healthy

There’s no question that exercise is good for the body, and there is growing evidence that staying physically active can help slow the normal declines in brain function that come with age. Health groups recommend that adults try to get … Continue reading

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Diverse Aging and Health Inequality by Race and Ethnicity

Although gerontologists have long embraced the concept of heterogeneity in theories and models of aging, recent research reveals the importance of racial and ethnic diversity on life course processes leading to health inequality. This article examines research on health inequality … Continue reading

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Collective Intelligence Meets Medical Decision-Making

While collective intelligence (CI) is a powerful approach to increase decision accuracy, few attempts have been made to unlock its potential in medical decision-making. Here we investigated the performance of three well-known collective intelligence rules (“majority”, “quorum”, and “weighted quorum”) … Continue reading

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Supporting Health and Health Equity Social Movements

In the past two decades the notion that medical care plays only a partial, and often limited, role in population health outcomes has become widely accepted among health researchers, even as they continue to debate the relative contributions of individual … Continue reading

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The Relationship Between Culture, Health Conceptions and Health Practices

This study investigated cultural variations in health conceptions and practices using a quasi experimental design. A total of 60 participants, recruited from three cultural groups in Canada, were individually interviewed between the fall of 2009 and the fall of 2010. … Continue reading

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Understanding Health promotion in a Neoliberal climate and the making of Health Conscious Citizens

Neoliberal rationality is frequently invoked in critical analyses of health promotion, particularly those analyses stemming from a Foucaultian governmental perspective. Such references made to neoliberalism have been beneficial in highlighting the interconnections between health promotion policy and practice and the … Continue reading

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Play Outside! Ways to Health, Happiness, Creativity, and to Environmental Sustainability

For both adults and kids, time spent outdoors increases all measures of well-being:  psychological and physical health, cognitive abilities, and creativity. It is also good for the planet. Here’s a brief review of the research and some suggestions for how … Continue reading

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Health care and business don’t mix

Using private companies to provide health care on a for-profit basis is not a viable model, warn researchers. The market wins – and patients lose. According to sociologist Charlene Harrington, private, commercial nursing homes have fewer staff members per patient … Continue reading

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The Health Consequences of Inequality

View Some economists think there’s a link between America’s economically unequal society and its health problems. “Societies with bigger income differences between rich and poor do worse on a whole range of measures. They have worse health. They have more … Continue reading

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