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The economic impact of universities: Evidence from across the globe

We develop a new dataset using UNESCO source materials on the location of nearly 15,000 universities in about 1,500 regions across 78 countries, some dating back to the 11th Century. We estimate fixed-effects models at the sub-national level between 1950 … Continue reading

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The emergence of an innovation ecosystem in a low innovation region: Disrupting inertia by a young university

Innovation ecosystems are characterized by a variety of complementary actors and relationships among them. Universities are considered a key player in innovation ecosystems for their ability to generate knowledge and qualified expertise for entrepreneurial innovation. While much attention has been paid to mature … Continue reading

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Co-operative universities: A bibliography

Here, I maintain a bibliography of articles, reports, presentations and book chapters that discuss the idea of a ‘co-operative university’, with a specific focus on cooperative ownership and cooperative governance of higher education institutions. Read

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Inside a cooperative university

Mondragon is jointly owned by its academic and administrative staff. No one may earn more than three times the salary of the lowest-paid worker. At a time when many academics feel remote from their university’s managers and strategic plans, the … Continue reading

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The University experiment: Campus as laboratory

Innovative ways of teaching, learning and doing research are helping universities around the globe to adapt to the modern world. Modern universities are heirs to a thousand-year tradition of scholarship. But they are also being buffeted by twenty-first-century upheavals in … Continue reading

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Academic Capitalism and the New Economy: Markets, State, and Higher Education

As colleges and universities become more entrepreneurial in a post-industrial economy, they focus on knowledge less as a public good than as a commodity to be capitalized on in profit-oriented activities. In Academic Capitalism and the New Economy, higher education … Continue reading

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The Collapsing Business Plan of the Neoliberal University

The dominant business model for American higher education has collapsed, taking with it the financial integrity, academic quality, access, and independence that college and universities once enjoyed. Since the end of World War II two business models have defined the … Continue reading

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A Universidade onde o Fazer é o mais importante

Primeiro o fazer, depois o aprender. Essa é a base da cultura e da filosofia da universidade Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, em Massachusetts, nos Estados Unidos. Lá os estudantes primeiro praticam e testam ideias para depois terem aulas … Continue reading

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Enseignement Supérieur et Classes Sociales : Production et Reproduction

À l’heure des offensives néolibérales contre l’enseignement supérieur, Panagiotis Sotiris revient sur le rôle politique des universités dans la reproduction des rapports de classes. Si la légitimité de la classe dominante est constamment reproduite à travers « l’État intégral », … Continue reading

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Building Research Collaboratives Among Schools and Universities: Lessons From the Field

In a previous issue of Mind, Brain, and Education, Hinton and Fischer argue that educational research needs to be grounded in the lived realities of school life. They advocate for research schools as a venue for accomplishing this. The Center … Continue reading

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