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Cultural Mapping – Visualizing Cultural Resources

Cultural mapping is an innovative tool used for gathering information about the cultural landscape and the cultural panorama in local communities. Through this process, cultural elements are recorded – the tangibles like galleries, craft industries, distinctive landmarks, and local events  … Continue reading

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Bruno Latour: Visualisation and Cognition – Drawing Things Together

The aim of this paper is to pursue two lines of argument at once. To say it in yet other words, we do not find all explanations in terms of inscription equally convincing, but only those that help us to … Continue reading

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Improving Online Deliberation with Argument Network Visualization

Social media are increasingly used to support online debate and facilitate citizens’ engagement in policy and decision-making. Nevertheless the online dialogue spaces we see on the Web today typically provide flat listings of comments, or threads that can be viewed … Continue reading

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Rhizomes and Networks Visualization

Inspired by the article “Your choices reveal who you are” of Valdis Krebs in the book Beautiful Visualization, I am collecting the Amazon recommendations for a certain book, until a network of books is created. I did not expected to … Continue reading

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How I Use Visualization To Drive Creativity

How I Use Visualization To Drive Creativity Creativity. I’ve always believed it’s been one of the most important attributes of business success yet something very few business leaders talk about. So I thought I’d write a post about how I … Continue reading

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